27 Questions You Should Ask

Before signing an agreement with a sweeping contractor

At Clean Sweep, we know how important first impressions can be and we are committed to helping you make the best impression possible. After all, your image is worth protecting. With this in mind, there are 27 questions you should ask before you sign an agreement with a sweeping contractor.

We have included five of these questions below. If you would like the remaining 22 questions click here or on the button below. In addition to the questions, we will also provide you with the answers and why each is important. We look forward to helping you enhance and protect your company's image.

The First Five Questions

  1. Does your company adhere to all safety and ethical measures required to be a Certified Sweeping Company?
  2. Is your company available for emergency day or night sweeps?
  3. How will my complaints, if any, be handled and what is your corrective process?
  4. What type of training program do you put your drivers through?
  5. Are your trucks lettered with company name, logo and phone number for proper identification?