Government Services

Clean Sweep is proud to work with local cities, counties and state departments of transportation across northern Georgia and Tennessee to provide them with reliable and cost-effective street-sweeping services.

Every day Clean Sweep’s fleet makes your city, county and state roadways clean and safe by working to remove trash, leaves, rubber and other refuse or safety hazards before they end up in your storm water system.. The Clean Sweep fleet is available 24/7 to provide service on your schedule, with minimal disruptions.

Working with Clean Sweep to maintain your city, county and state roadways benefits you in several areas:

  • Regulatory compliance – helping you to meet EPA storm water compliance standards by removing sediment, debris, trash, road salt, and trace metals regularly from public roadways.
  • Flood mitigation – removing roadway debris, sediment and trash helps to insure that your storm water systems avoid clogging and flooding during a major rain event.
  • Environmental pollutant containment – removing road salt, vehicle fluids and other pollutants that can end up in groundwater supplies and threaten the health of our environment and its inhabitants.
  • Cost reduction – maintaining your own fleet of sweeper trucks, and the drivers and mechanics to run them, can be time-consuming and costs such as fuel and labor are difficult to track and predict. Using Clean Sweep can remove those items from your municipal budget and free up funds for other projects or needs.
  • Risk management – operating street cleaning equipment on public roadways is inherently dangerous given the unpredictable nature of car and freight drivers and the variety of debris on roadways. Clean Sweep strictly enforces best practices and uses the latest safety equipment to keep your roadways safe during roadway cleaning. We also carry the necessary insurance to help shield municipalities from that risk.
  • Infrastructure – Clean Sweep’s fleet is maintained by our mechanics and maintenance staff, each of whom has the parts and technical expertise to keep our equipment running and ready when you need us.
  • Civic pride – clean roadways help to instill civic pride in your city, county or state. They also help drive growth and economic development by maintaining an area where residents and employers want to live, work and play.

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BMP Knowledge (Best Management Practices)

Handout discusses the value of using Clean Sweep, Inc. due to the company's knowledge of Best Management Practices in the power sweeping industry and utilization of the correct equipment and training
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Our customers make just one phone call to get a wide variety of pavement and exterior maintenance jobs professionally handled.
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We provide fast, reliable services that ensure the highest quality results and customer satisfaction. Our state of the art equipment and environmentally friendly cleaners make your commercial or retail property shine!
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